Here’s One I Made… Thumb Printing

One Saturday the Less is More Challenge Blog challenged us to doodle and I mixed my doodling with Thumb Printing, which has proved popular and I have been asked by a couple of people for some more examples.

Thumb Printing is very simple – you use your thumb as a rubber stamp. Firstly cover it with a dye ink by pressing it into an inkpad – but don’t let your thumb get too wet. I have been using the chalk inks as they give great coverage and you can still see the details.

Second press your thumb down firmly on a piece of cardstock – but as you would with a rubber stamp, don’t rock your thumb or you will lose the definition of the thumb print.

Once the ink is dry you can adapt it however you want to, I have doodled using a ekSucess Zig Marker and Promarker Pens:

I think my favourite is the Frankenstein!! As you can see, you can have the thumb print horizontal, as with my bumblebee or you can have them vertical and do faces, animals or trees.

Because they are small, you can play with them on scrap paper before going live with your design.

Thanks for looking – these examples are my 83rd Make of 2012



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