Book Club – Scraplifting Inspirations

Can you believe it’s almost the end of April Already??? I hope you are all having a restful and crafty weekend.

Some of my earliest scrapbook books were from Creative Keepsakes and its good to see that they can still produce high quality books and one of their newest titles is Scraplifting Inspirations

Scraplifting – the art of drawing inspiration from the layouts we see in books has some times been controversial… Because art has got to be original right? Well idea books, magazines, blogs and websites exist so that we can draw inspiration from them and many people share their layouts so you can do just that!

This book not just embraces the idea that Scraplifting is OK but encourages you to CASE (copy and steal everything), as we scrapbookers say, the layouts in the book. You may want to draw on inspiration from colour schemes, titles, positioning or the pagemap for a layout and this book has a whooping 379 that are designed for you to adopt elements or whole layouts.

This at the end of the day is a good old-fashioned general layout idea book, it won’t teach you the latest trend or technique but it will give you hundreds of ideas to inspire your scrapping.

Thanks for Reading



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