Here’s One I Baked… Gingerbread Men, First Try

I have been itching to make Gingerbread Men for a while but there is a little problem, I haven’t made them since I was a teenager.

After looking through lots of my cookbooks, I decided to go for Mary Berry’s Recipe. It was very simple to follow but I need to watch the timing, I originally went for 11 minutes (the recipe suggested 10-12 mins) but some came out a little too crispy. They are better in my oven at 10 mins.

Gingerbread Men…

There are a couple of teaspoon’s of Ground Ginger in them which is a just enough for a hint… I made the icing with Lemon to give it a bit of a zing.

I will try them again in a couple of weeks and see if I can get the timing right.

Thanks for reading, this is my 92nd Creative Project of 2012



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