Book Club – The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits

So a little bit of a change from Cupcakes with a look of biscuits. The Biscuiteer’s book of Iced Biscuits comes from one of the first and best on-line Biscuit companies on the web – Biscuiteers.

This book, written by the brains behind Biscuiteers and they have thought of everything… From the equipment you need to a wide range of biscuit recipes (Chocolate, Almond, Vanilla and Oats to mention just a few). All of that is before you get to the decorating!

It starts you off with the basic icing techniques which can be used to decorate most biscuits to specific projects (the Russian Dolls and Statue of Liberty are my personal favourites).

These really are an idea alternative to Cupcakes, they can be highly personalised and are no more difficult to ice than cupcakes and you can get some truly stunning results.

This book is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced bakers and for anyone else who wants to learn new skills.

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