Wednesday Weblinks – My Kitchen Table

I have a number of the My Kitchen Table Cookbooks and their simple formula of an appetizing full-page photo, A few, simple stock ingredients and then a step by step method to get the desired results.

Their website is no different, with videos and a selection of recipes from a lot of leading cooks and chefs around the country, it acts as both a great taster to the books as well as a flexible on-line resource.

I like cookbooks where the author is focused on a single topic (such as baking, curries or healthy suppers) as you know you are going to get a high quality on that subject but it doesn’t help if you are looking for something a little different… That is the great thing about this website, it allows you to dip in and out of different cooks and if you like what you make, you can buy the book.

With recipes from Mary Berry, Raymond Blanc, Ken Holm, Madhur Jaffrey, Rick Stein as well as many more this is a great one stop shop website.

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