Smash Saturday – May Prompt

If you missed my April Page you can find it here.

Happy May everyone, I hope you are enjoying the sunny break we are currently having.

May is a late spring month and there are no other months in any year that start or end on the same day! It is names for a Roman Goddess, Maia, the goddess of fertility… A theme we continue to see to this day in the Maypole Dance

There is much Symbolism attached to the Maypole

Some of the symbolism also attached to the month of May are

  • Birth Stone – Emerald
  • Flower – Lily of the Valley (which flowers when the starlings return to nest)
  • Colour of the Month – White (goes well with green)

There a number of things that are also celebrated in May, Here are a few specific days…

  • May 1st – May Day, a celebration of work and a break from it
  • May 4th (Be With You) – Star Wars Day
  • May 5th – The Mexican Holiday of Cinco De Mayo
  • May 5th – National Scrapbooking Day
  • May 8th – VE Day
  • May 19th – Champions League Final (Mr BMB is a Chelsea Supporter) but there is also the FA Cup and the end of the season…
  • May 23rd – The Olympic Torch comes to Bristol
  • May 25th – Towel Day Celebrating Douglas Adams
  • May 26th – Eurovision

Month long celebrations include National Bike Month, Inventors Month, Photo Month (As well as the Bristol Festival of Photography), National Smile Month and World Fair Trade Day is also traditionally in May.

Great Colours, Great Creative Ideas this month, I can’t wait to see your results.

Thanks for Looking



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