Sunday Book Club – HatHeads by Trond Anfiennsen

I have had a very quiet few days this weekend as I haven’t been too well but its given me a chance to read from cover to cover and back again my new book – HatHeads by Trond Anfiennsen – the new leading man of the knitting world and his love of hats (what more do you want in a book???)

Trond also known as KnitKid – started his Knitting Project by designing and knitting hats in his native Norway and then getting his friend to take their portrait.

Each hat Trond Made was unique to the person receiving the gift, he looked at different parts of their personality and likes and dislikes and they did and then expressed this in a hat.

Anyway… Trond starting publishing these portraits – and the hats on the internet and before he knew it – he found himself with a book deal. But he wanted to write more than just a book with knitting patterns, although there are 50 of them in it!

He wanted to write a book to inspire people to start their own knitting projects so there are lots of hints and tips about how you can personalise patterns and design unique peices of art work.

Hats are a great gift to give, simple to knit and as Trond shows here – so easy to personalise. This is a great book to get now and knit your way to Christmas.

Thanks for Reading



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