Here’s One I Took… The Torch Relay

I want to introduce you to Hannah, we met her this morning at 05:45, all I know is she is 34 years old and as her nomination for Torchbearing story explains:

“HANNAH suffered a great loss in 2008 when her sister died after fighting leukaemia for seven years. But Hannah is inspirational because, despite her grief, she’s turning the experience into something positive. She is a volunteer speaker with Anthony Nolan’s Register & Be A Lifesaver project, which educates young people about blood, stem cell (bone marrow) and organ donation. Hannah’s sister received lots of blood transfusions and a bone marrow transplant, which kept her alive and gave her precious years with her family. Hannah herself has been a blood and platelet donor but has had to give this up. She now makes a difference to other families whose relatives need transplants, by inspiring young people to become donors. Hannah is totally dedicated to giving her best efforts to carrying on her sister’s wish for more people to be aware of the need for donors.”

We will never meet again – but her smile and enthusiasm this morning was amazing – this was her moment to shine – and she shone!

We were so privileged to be there and even those these pictures are not perfect, they capture a once in a life time moment and are priceless to me.

The Olympics and the Torch Relay will present a number of “once in a life time” photos and when recording them, remember to capture the details as well as the main event… it all helps to shape your story.

This is the side of one of the vehicles in the Torches Convoy – we were at that very British Stage of Waiting when we would cheer anything that moved, I just love this photo because it captures the soft morning light but also the slogan and logo for the Torch Relay.

Thank you for sharing this moment



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