Here’s One I Took… Up Up and Away

Yesterday I shared some photos from the Olympic Torch Relay and I focused on capturing the spirit of the event by showcasing the Torch Bearer and her Torch.

Today’s Photo is of the Hot Air Balloons that they had used to celebrate the start of the event. I can see why they were chosen – flames are important both to the torch and to the balloons.

Was the Torch All Hot Air? Nope! But the Balloons were….

I wanted to capture two things with this photo, firstly I wanted to capture the colour of the balloons as I loved the reds, blues and greens.

But I also loved the casualness of the men around the balloon – this looks like such a casual event, especially the gent in blue propping up the balloon.

The last reason I wanted this shot is because Ballooning is such a big part of the City of Bristol and I wanted to include it in my Torch Relay Photos as balloons is something that “says” Bristol to me.

Thanks for looking



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