Jubilee Crafting – Sunday Book Club

I’ve been trawling through Amazon this week to find a book that sums up the Jubilee… and what better than Tea and Cake in London?

Zena Alkayat has conducted a very thorough study into some of the best tea and coffee shops – both big and small in and around London.

Zena’s attention to detail is fantastic, she discusses the range of teas on offer and the quality of cakes, the quirks that the owners bring to the venues and the ambience.

She has focused on some of the big name places we all think of when looking for Tea and Cake in London such as The Ritz as well as some tiny little places you would never find otherwise.

If you weren’t already convinced… here’s a sneak peek

For less than £8, this is a perfect book for a baker who either lives in and around London or who is going up for the Olympics or the Jubilee…

There is nothing like sampling other people’s baking and making to inspire you – and this book will do just that

Thanks for Reading



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