Jubliee Crafting – Monday Inspiration

This week as part of my Jubilee Crafting Week, I am hosting a Royal Tea Party… Monday Inspiration Style…

I wanted to choose a regal colour scheme with a hint of a vintage feel for this Jubilee Tea Party, so what better than Red, Blues and Royal Purples?

Once you have plates – you need your bunting and one of my favourite sites for homemade accessories is denbee homes and interiors. I love their Vintage Union Flag Bunting, however take your time to browse through their site, there are so many gems

(c) denbee homes and interiors

I also love the signs section… BMB Towers needs a “Wipe Your Paws” Sign at every Cat Flap…

The perfect Tea Party needs the perfect biscuits and when I saw this recipe for Custard Kisses on Good Food – I knew this had to be a Jubilee Project. They look really professional but are only completed in two steps, perfect for summer evenings.

Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoy your Jubilee weekends.



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