Here’s One I Baked… Jubilee Jaffa Cupcakes

Half way through making these on Friday – I thought that they wouldn’t work… but with a little perseverance I got there.

These cupcakes have all the right ingredients for Jaffa Cakes, Sponge… Orange Jelly and a thick layer dark chocolate and I was really keen to give them ago.

Cupcakes – Jubilee Style

The base is a simple Orange Sponge, made with Orange Essence and Orange Rind. The first tip is not to over fill the cases as you want space to add the jelly and chocolate.

Once the cupcakes are cooled – you pour over a layer of jelly. You can use shop brought but I made some with orange juice, lemon juice and a little sugar and gelatine dissolved in water.

The recipe says to add once the cakes are cooled, I found it easier to wait an hour or so until the jelly had started to set, this stops it just soaking through the sponge.

Once the jelly has set over night… melt a bar of Best Dark Cooking chocolate and then coat the cakes with a generous layer of chocolate – leave to cool.

They do take a little longer than iced cupcakes but make a very very nice treat!

Thanks for Looking – this is my 129th Creative Project of 2012.



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