Monday Inspiration – Short but Sweet

As it’s a Bank Holiday, I thought I would keep my Monday Inspiration Short but Sweet today… So is this Sweet Enough?

Sweet making is a great way of getting children interested in cooking and if you are looking for recipes – All Recipes UK has some great ideas – including some that are complete in minutes. I also love this twist on Rice Crispy Cakes from Good-To-Know.

If you are looking for something a little more decadent then try this Chocolate or Bailey’s Recipe. Both easy to make and worth the effort!

If you are going to experiment with sweet making or use the techniques as part of your baking, then its worth investing in a decent Sugar thermometer… You can pick up a fool-proof (hey – even I can use it!) from Amazon for around £8.00.

I also know that SMASH Saturday is late this month, It will be published later in the week, I am sorry about that.

Thanks for Reading – Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday



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