Monday Inspiration – I do like to be beside the seaside

Good Evening All… it is so lovely to see the sunshine, especially as we have been beside the seaside, so I thought we would celebrate the Great British Seaside, starting with this

We have been down to Weymouth, testing the olympic infrastructure and one of their static Sand Sculptures and its inspiring 3D art work.

A staple part of visit to Weymouth, they design they sculptures to last for most of the year, protected from the elements under canvas, I find it inspiring to look at how details can be achieved with just sand and water.

I also found this fantastic website with some great ideas for painting seascapes… If you have never painted before – they are a good place to start!

And if you are looking for something perfect for the summer and perfect for Picnics – then I can recommend Sunshine Bars. They are a great mixture of oats, nuts, seeds and are kept light with Rice Krispies.

Thanks for Reading – enjoy the weather



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