Sunday Book Club – Naughty But Nice Cross Stitch

Happy Sunday to all of you… I thought I would branch out a little this week for Book Club and review a Cross Stitch book.

I used to do a lot of Cross Stitch but had to give it up seriously when a back injury made it difficult for me to hold an embroidery ring for long periods of time. But I am still on the lookout for quick and simple patterns I can use for gifts and this book fits the bill perfectly.

Naughty But Nice Cross Stitch by Claire Crompton is perfect for the sassy crafter, simple images with comical phrases which may perfect cards and presents for that person in your life who enjoys the a laugh.

So whether you want to pay homage to your house keeping skills (“You can look at the dust… just don’t write in it”) or celebrate a friend’s birthday (“I am not aging, I am increasing in value”) there is a fun and spot-on phrase for you in this book.

The patterns are simple and mainly use back-stitch and full cross stitch with a few half-stitches too and a lot of the projects take less than an evening to complete. This makes it the perfect give to give as well as make from.

Thanks for looking



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2 Responses to Sunday Book Club – Naughty But Nice Cross Stitch

  1. Ooh I have been considering this book for a while now! I’m very tempted! I may have to treat myself…


  2. Jenifar says:

    That looks like a good collection of fun projects. I like to make smaller things too because I can get them finished relatively quickly and smaller things seem to be more acceptable gifts.


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