Another Slightly Late Monday Inspiration…

When in doubt in the Bake and Make household… give a cat a cuddle, or today use them as inspiration for this week’s post.

I use Cats a lot in my crafting and have a nice range of cat themed ones… this is one of my latest purchases… I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but if you fancy trying it out you can get it here.

If you are looking the perfect colours for your cat crafting – I love the range of oranges and gingers you can get in Bazzill, Spoiled Brat and Tootsie sound like they are perfect shades to make a cat card with…

And seeing those range of oranges lead me on to baking and there is one type of cake that springs to mind for this colour scheme and that’s Marmalade Cake… fantastic with sparkling elderflower cordial on the now promised summer day!

Thanks for looking, hope everyone who is going to be starting the summer holiday has lots of fun crafting bits planned – why not drop me a line and let me know what they are.



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