Here’s One I Took… The Box that Rocks

I’ve shared some of the pictures from our trip to the Riverbank and I am now sharing some from our trip to the Copperbox (“The Box that Rocks”).

We didn’t know anything at all about Handball, along with most brits who visited the Copperbox… but LOCOG knew this and the matches had full commentary (highly entertaining commentary) and half time entertainment – which involved “Dance-Cam” and some highly excitable Brazilians… All in all fantastic fun.

The Copperbox is a small venue with only 6000 or so seats, we got there early to avoid the queue… only to find there wasn’t any. but that did mean we almost had the venue to ourselves at the beginning

The game itself is very fast moving with a goal almost every minute and the speed they move around the court is amazing…

It’s also a fun type of game and they chose the music well… “Sit Down” by James when a player gets sent for a time out… “Under Pressure” by Queen (with David Bowie) when a penalty needs to be taken.

Another Goal Hits the Net…

Thanks for Looking – This is the 179th Creative Project of 2012



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