Here’s One I Took… A Night Time View

One of the tickets that we had for the Paralympics last week was for wheelchair basketball which also gave us stand-by tickets for the Goalball and the Blind 5-a-side football… We took advantage of this but it did mean that by the time it came to 9pm I was ready for a bit of fresh air after a day indoors…

So we took the opportunity to go for a walk around the site in the dark and take in some of the sights at night.

Of all the Sculpture in the Park… this is my favourite

The Beat Goes on at the Beat Box

The Multi-Coloured Stadium in a Yellow Phase

This is the highlight of next weeks visit

The park has a real festive feel at night, with many of the music and art acts out and about the Park Live Screen still showing the high-lights… If you are going again in the next week… grab a chilled night walk.

Thanks for looking – This is my 182nd Creative Project of 2012



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