Here’s A Couple of Things I {Almost} Made…

With extra pressure of work over the last couple of months of last year, I didn’t do as much as I would have liked… Here are a couple of abandoned projects (!)

Christmas Cards

I have made my Christmas Cards every year since I discovered Card Making… This year, I chose the stamp, designed the card, stamped the images, cut and inked the pattern paper… and…

Then didn’t get round to constructing them!

Christmas08The stamped Images (they are now coloured)

… On the plus side, I am going to have my Christmas 2013 card done in record time!

New Niece’s Stocking

I have already shared some pictures of the stocking I started to make for my niece {we now know what the bump is} and again… I didn’t get it finished… The Good News is that it will be ready for her next Christmas!

Christmas01I will continue to share progress through the year!

On the Plus Side…

I did manage to finish all my Christmas Knitting and the great ladies that work for me and Mr BMB’s boss did get their scarfs for Christmas.

Christmas09One One-Ball Scarf

Thanks for looking



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