Here’s One I Baked… Chocolate Chunk Cookies

2013 is going to the BMB “Year of the Biscuit” and I am looking forward to playing with lots of different types of biscuits over the year.

But I am starting with a recipe from the Great British Bake Off “How to Bake” Book, which looking back over the blog, I haven’t reviewed yet, so I know what my first Book Club of 2013 is going to be.

How to BakeHow to Bake with the Great British Bake Off Team

I have gone for a simple cookie recipe, using a lot of chocolate and mix of soft brown sugar and castor sugar to give them depth of flavour I cooked “Chocolate Chunk Cookies”


It’s a very simple recipe, ready to eat in less than an hour but I found they went soft very quickly… luckily they didn’t last too long in work yesterday but best eaten on the day!

Thanks for Looking



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