Sunday Book Club – GBBO “How to Bake”

As this is my “Go To” Bake Book at the moment I am surprised I have not reviewed the GBBO “How to Bake” yet. Published as a tie-in for the second Great British Bake Off Series, its baked full of a wide range of baking recipes.

How to BakeThe Guide to the Perfect Victoria Sponge.

One advantage this book has over the tie in for the first GBBO book is that it includes all the recipes included in the series so that you can play along at home! I think that this is because the popularity of Great British Bake Off caught many people by surprise.

However like the first one, this book is a mixture of hints, tips, insider information, simple recipes and glorious photos. The book itself is split into chapters which mirror the series – Cakes, Biscuits, Bread, Pies, Patisserie and Puddings among them. Where appropriate, some of the recipes are marked clearly where they are good for children or celebration pieces.

The Technical Challenges (for example Paul’s Focaccia) and the Contestants Showcase Pieces (Holly’s Mocktail Macroons) are highlighted in colour with extra hints and tips. Although all the recipes are clear and easy to follow, not all of them are illustrated and I know this can be a bit off-putting for beginners. If you are a complete beginner, you may want to start with the Great British Bake Off “Learn to Bake” which is perfect to start with…


Both of these books are great addition to your Baking Library, and are good stock cook books and well worth investing in.

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