Here’s One I Made… A Crazy Scientist Lab

Part of my Challenges for 2013 is to make things with a difference and this month (and probably some of the other months this year I am looking at Lego.

lego_logoBuild Your Imagination

I have always loved lego and some of the kits you can get today are fantastic… And from a Photographic Point of View I really want to do a project with MiniFigures… which in my opinion are some of the most photogenic things you can get.

This weekend I have from building the Crazy Scientist Kit from Monster Fighter Collection… complete with Frankenstein.

JanLego04The Complete Kit

I think I am going to have more fun with photographing the details then I do with making them and I have a lot of fun making them… Although not from scratch, it’s a very satisfying way to create something in an afternoon which has a lot of detail to it. And the best bit is I can take it apart again and do it again when I feel like it!

JanLego01Its Alive…!

As I said earlier – I really want to do a Lego MiniFigure photographic Project… I need to remember to make sure I have some in my camera bag at all times

JanLego02A Dual to the Death with the Monster Fighters

The other good news is that I finally have my table back in the conservatory… so I can start card making again in the next week or so!

Thanks for looking



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