Here’s One I Made… DIY Cruises

Some times you need to make something that is simple to take a present or surprise to the next level.

When questioning what my Brother in Law wanted for his 40th Birthday this week, I was told (very very tongue in cheek) that he would love a Cruise to New York… But as this was a little out of our price range… I decided to see what I could within the budget… Thanks for Amazon and one bath toy and lego Statue of Liberty, I came up with this

FebMisc01DIY Cruises

I decided to take it up a level by making him an “Admit One” card, This took about 2 minutes of googling to find a blank ticket template and suitable Cruise Ship clip art and another 2 minutes playing with fonts… You end up with a quick and easy prop which binds your present together

FebMiscThe Ticket to a Cruise

Some times the smallest projects can raise the biggest smiles and we can forget that our makes don’t have to take hours to be meaningful!

Have a Creative Week

Thanks for Reading



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