Big Picture Classes – The Future

I have been thinking about this all day, should I comment on the post about the future of Big Picture Classes? I decided it was only fair as I have been a huge supporter of the website and their classes.


Whilst BMB was on, er, “hiatus” earlier this year, Big Picture Classes was sold to Studio Calico, a company who I won’t comment on the rumours about as I have never had dealing with them personally. As with any big merger there have been changes announced. The big one this week is that “Forever Access” is being removed. What this means is customers are now faced with having to remove as much as the content as they can do and find new homes for it.

I have been a fan of Big Picture Classes (formally Big Picture Scrapping) since the early days, even achieving VIP status. You can see from just how many of my posts are tagged with Big Picture Classes just how much it has influenced my scrapping, it has been a big part of my crafting life for years.

I have even been using some of the lessons I learnt from a Cathy Z class from 2008 in my Project Life album this week as well as looking forward to a Project Life course starting on Thursday.

So how do I feel about this change? Well at first I was shocked, I have a LOT of classes to find homes for (thank goodness for Amazon Cloud Drive)… However since I started the downloads, I have discovered two things:

  1. I have some classes I forgot about and I am enjoying finding new content
  2. A LOT and I mean a LOT of the classes are no longer my style anymore and I am unlikely to use again.
  3. OK… I have discovered three things, I am not as bothered as I thought I was. Mainly because of (1) and (2)!

I will continue to support Big Picture Classes as I think it is filling an important gap in the crafting education market and I look forward to what is happening in the new year. However I can see why emotions are running high, I just ask people to take a deep breath and look at their classes before making any rash decisions

Keep on Crafting



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