Project Life – When PL met CZ… An Album Manifesto

One of the biggest turning points in my scrapping career was when in 2008, I took the original Design Your Life Course with Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture Classes. Despite all the fuss around BPC at the moment, it is still one of the best introductions to scrapping you can find and it’s still available as a Self Paced Class here and I would recommend it to everyone who is looking at a flexible and reusable approach to scrapping.

Two of the points that Cathy made in week one (symmetry) and week four (repetition) was the need to set the scene for your album (the album manifesto) and that your album benefits from repeated elements to bring it together. Not only have I kept to these principles for all my albums but I also use the same repeatable designs from the original course.

Having typed all of that, I decided very early on that I would keep this tradition in my Project Life Album. One of the great things about Project Life is that there are easily repeatable elements with pages in their design. But I wanted to keep my common designs from other albums and the beauty with PL is I can do that… So this week, having agreed on a logo, I could get on with my Manifesto.

The first part of my Pattern is 6×6 Layout showcasing the Logo, over the weekend I will do a reverse side of this page where I will tell the story behind the album.

1410_PL_Intro02The second part is where I give a 12×12 flavour for the album, this is the page that Cathy refers to as the Manifesto. For this album I wanted to portray a clean and simple approach as I have with the PL pages but I also wanted to just use PL squares as pattern paper. All the squares from this page are from the Vintage Travel Core Kit. You will notice I have repeated the Logo in the middle, included some maps and a couple of letters.

1410_PL12The third is the introductory day page. I will be doing one of these for each day as a divider, it is a simple 8×8 design and I like the effect of it.  Again the “pattern paper” is a 3×4 card from the Baseball Theme Set, cut down to a 3×3 square. I love how flexible these cards are.


So that is my “A Tale of Two Cities” album manifesto. This weekend I will be sharing some other uses I have found for 6×4 cards and how I am using them in albums. I may also get a couple of PL pocket layouts complete too. (it is also Christmas Cake Weekend!)

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins Project Life – 12×12, 8×8, 6×6 Page Protectors
  • Becky Higgins Project Life Vintage Travel Core Kit
  • Becky Higgins Project Life Baseball Theme Kit
  • Bazzill and Core’indation Cardstock in a range of colours
  • ldAbeLincoln and NewYorker Fonts
  • American Crafts Thickers
  • Chalk Inks
  • Designs by Cathy Zielske

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