Project Life – The Basic Supplies

With Becky Higgins’ announcement that she is now selling directly to the UK through Amazon, I thought it would be a good time to talk about getting started with Project Life.

The good news is Becky says it all on her own blog and there are lots of good stuff about the first steps you need to take.

But it comes down to one thing – how easy do you want to make it on yourself?

If the answer is very simple – you can purchase an album, a large pack of photo-pockets and a core kit and you will have all the supplies you need for a year for about £90.00, as each element works out at about £27 each! All you will need to add is a pen and photos.

1410_How_to3A core kit is a very large selection of 3×4 and 4×6 cards, over 600 in total, all of the them double-sided, so plenty to play with. Please note these are not all different you get 5 or 6 repeats of each design but if you are using this album over a year that would be one card repeated every two months… or 4 months if you use both sides so the chances of your pages looking the same are small!

1410_How_to1To make it even easier, Becky has even included, with some of the cards, ideal placements for the front and back pages! This is definitely the way to go if you want to complete a full album in a year and you are willing to pay up front.

However I understand £90 is a lot and there are smaller card-kits available to fit a range of budgets:

  • Value Kits follow a general theme and have about 180 elements for £10.
  • Next down are Mini Kits for about the same price with about 100 elements on a more specific theme and fit perfectly with 9×8 albums (which comes with the pages pre-stitched in for £20!).
  • Finally there are the Theme Cards, 80 elements on a very specific theme (my baseball cards are an example of these), you can pick these up for about £5.
  • Hey Little Magpie also offers sampler sets from core kits for under £4, if you don’t want to commit to a full kit.
  • However if you have a good printer you can pick up a lot freebies on-line! Or cut down your existing card or paperstock down!

1410_How_to2The album shown in this picture is the mini (9×8) album, but there is also a 6×8 album which is about also a ring-bound album but comes with 10 pages included for £20. Smaller packs of photo pockets for 6×8 and 12×12 albums are also available from £5!

If you want something a little more challenging and If you want to have a go at making your own cards, you can pick up blank packs for about £5 which keep you going for a while… And making your own cards is a great way to use up your own suppliers.

So it really comes down to what do you want from Pocket Scrapbooking, once you have an album you can add a range of photo pockets and go as simple or as challenging as you want with cards.

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