Project Life – Mini Layouts Pt2

Following on from my post yesterday sharing one part of my mini layout marathon, today I am sharing the other half. I make this 12 layouts from the Baseball day I have made in about 7 weeks, So well on target for my Layout-A-Week.

It also means that I have been more productive than I have been in a long time!

1411_PL03I am really enjoying my Project Life journey, I find that I am using both old stash and new stock, I am journalling more and I thinking more about design work.

For example this one is just using a couple of cards, some pattern paper and washi tape, it is quick but I can tell the story I need to! And that is what Project Life is all about!

I am moving on to the rest of the holiday this weekend and that will be exciting as I have been mainly using a small pack of theme cards and I can’t wait to crack out my Jade and Vintage Travel Core Kits as well as making more insert cards myself.

Stash Used:

  • Becky Higgins Project Life Pocket Page Design  H
  • Becky Higgins Project Life Baseball Theme Kit
  • Becky Higgins 6×4 Plain Cards
  • First Edition Nordic Christmas Pattern Paper
  • First Edition Nordic Christmas Washi Tape

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