JYC – Week One Round Up

Well my good intentions didn’t last long, I didn’t make entries into the journal this weekend as it was Christmas Tree weekend in the BMB household.

I love Christmas Tree Weekend, there is a LOT of cleaning beforehand but its worth it. For the last couple of years we have used the Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm. I loved this as you get to wander around the farm, select your tree and watch whilst they cut it down for you and guess who forgot to take her camera??

And guess who does not have any pictures of the finished tree??

But what I do have pictures of is the layouts from last week that I did get to finish.


My Manifesto


Childhood Memories


Holiday Plans (Although I have tweaked this one since!)

I am actively working on Christmas Cards and Presents but due to pressures of work this week, I don’t expect to be able to share finished layouts until the end of the week.

Thanks for Reading



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One Response to JYC – Week One Round Up

  1. Sara D says:

    Looks great!


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