Here’s One I Bake – Christmas Cakes

I am still in catch up mode, I didn’t do much baking this Christmas – I am a couple of Cranberry and Chocolate Roulades and the annual BMB Christmas Cake.

Christmas_08I think I have said in previously, I use a recipe which has been adapted over the years from Delia’s Classic Cake recipe. I find it simple to make and I start back in October. I have one small problem with making fruit cakes, I don’t like them, so its alway a bit of a gamble!

As part of my Journal Your Christmas Manifesto for 2014 was to keep things simple. I wanted to keep the design of the cake simple – so I though, just a couple of holly leaves…. well those holly leaves became a ring, became two rings became three or four with holly berries.

I liked the end effect – very simple (took less than 10 minutes end to end) but I liked it.

Christmas_07I would something with patterns next year, and I do like the flora effect. I will look at doing something similar next year.

Thanks For Looking



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