Here’s One I Made -MosaiCraft Cats and Van Gogh

Last year I went to HobbyCrafts at the NEC and one of the new crafts I discovered was MosaiCrafts, who are based in the Clevedon in the West Country.

I started papercrafting in 2001 after a period of serious illness left me unable to complete Cross Stitch which at the time was my favourite crafting activity. I love my papercrafts but I miss the structure of Cross Stitch and I am left so tired with all the travelling I do, I need something that is easy to pick up and put down, and this fitted the bill….

So what is MosaiCraft?


It’s small (only a mm or so) plastic squares which are pushed onto a clear plastic pin board, called a plate, whilst following a pattern. This is one of the smallest sizes (1 plate) and has over 30 different colours to it!

It is really simple to do, you have plates with pins and which you place over the pattern, each showing 4 colours denoted by a different symbol. The Mosaic Squares themselves come attached together with the number clearly showing. To complete the pattern you find the colour which matches the symbol and cover the squares in the pattern.

MosaicCraft_01The patterns are completed on a plate by plate basis and after you complete the 4 colours showing you can move onto the next section of the pattern. This is my second kit which is based on Van Gogh Starry picture and is a slight step up from my first project as I am now going for 8 plates!

MosaicCraft_02Because you work on one plate at a time, you can work on your lap. The team as MosaiCraft suggest you use magnets to keep the pattern in place. This is a great idea and makes it easy to see where you are keeps the project in place!

MosaicCraft_04I am enjoying this as a complement to my papercrafting, I like to see the picture coming together and its nice to see a project developing over months…

And because you do a square at a time, there are no loose pieces so it is also cat friendly.

If you are looking for something different – check it out!

Thanks for looking



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