JYC – December 09 – Christmas Treats

Some of my favourite Christmas Treats are ones that I have developed with Mr BMB since we got married, some are from childhood and some have been there for as long as I can remember.

For example a childhood Christmas Treat for me was picking a chocolate from my mum’s Milk Tray or Terry’s All Gold, neither of which I have every had as an adult! Or a creamy dip with vegetables and crisps… This is a more common for us to eat now and therefore not so much of a treat, as a child – Christmas was all about the dip! (made on a recipe from the Dairy Cookbook!)


As an adult, treats include Cheese – something that I have grown to love as an adult especially soft cheeses with fruit and NOT having Christmas Pudding… but something gooey with lots of cream (you know my aversion to Christmas Cake? Well it spreads to Christmas Pudding too! But we always had to have it as children)

JYC14_0201_FinalTwo of my favourite treats from Childhood which still shout Christmas today are After-Eights and MatchMakers, both I still love. I had always thought that After Eights had been around for ever, so I was very surprised to find out they were only 50 years old last year (making them younger than Mr BMB!)

This layout is another where I have left space for photos on the strip bit (treats partially eaten) I will be adding them at the end of the journal when I get all my photos developed!

Stash Used:

  • Becky Higgins 6×8 Page Protector Design 3
  • Becky Higgins Merry and Bright Cards
  • Becky Higgins 3×4 Grid Plain Cards
  • First Edition Stocking Filler Patter Paper
  • Stamps Free with Christmas 2014 Crafters Companion Magazine

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