JYC – December 12 – Christmas Mentors… Our Christmas

Today’s prompt really stretched me – who is it taught me to celebrate Christmas, the Christmas we have now? The thing is that it is nobody, Mr BMB and I have developed our own Christmas…

JYC14_0204Why do we put our Christmas Tree up on the first Saturday? Because one year I had a bad week at work and I needed cheering up, so Mr BMB decided we should put the Christmas Tree up “early” to cheer me up. We have done so every since

Why does Mr BMB start the Christmas Cake the Friday before Christmas? Because traditionally that is when we finish work and its a nice way to celebrate.

What does Mr BMB always have in his stocking? A hug and chocolate coins with the calendar for the study under the tree. What do I always have in my stocking? the calendar for the kitchen 🙂

We have made our own Christmas and its traditions and we learn and develop them every Christmas.

JYC14_0204_FinalStash Used:

  • Becky Higgins 6Ă—8 Page Protector Design 2
  • Becky Higgins Merry and Bright Cards
  • Simple Stories – Document December
  • Becky Higgins 3Ă—4 Plain Grid Cards
  • First Editions – Stocking Fillers Pattern Paper
  • Copic Markers

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