JYC – December 14 – Travels around the Country

I work over most Christmas periods, so we don’t tend to travel but this year we headed to Kent for a couple of days with Mr BMB’s family.

JYC14_0206We went up on Christmas Day and did the journey in almost record time, the roads (mainly motorways door to door) were clear and the weather clear. We didn’t need to stop and were to help for lunch.

On the way back it was a very very different story, we hadn’t long got onto the M25 when we saw the Flexible Speed Limits flash down to 40 miles an hour, which you knew was only an aspiration… what should have taken us a little over 2 and a half hours took us 6 hours and for most of that I was bursting for the loo.

JYC14_0206_FinalNow I am a still playing with Layout – it needs more green on the bottom to even it out – I am going to put some photos onto the page of the houses – so I may just mat the whole map in green or just the photos – I am still thinking about this 🙂

Stash Used:

  • Becky Higgins 6Ă—8 Page Protector Design 4
  • Becky Higgins Merry and Bright Cards
  • Becky Higgins 6Ă—4 Plain Card
  • Sizzix Sizzlet Words – Joy and Fun
  • Good Maps
  • Stickle Green Glitter
  • Chameleon Pens

Thanks for Looking



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