Here’s One I’m Making – Powertex and Poppies Part 1

Have you ever seen something and thought WOW – I couldn’t do that so its not even worth me trying to learn how to… This is the relationship I have with Powertex – I love the stuff but I don’t quite feel I am good enough to do it justice

Last Friday I went to class at Make-It which has been described as a “level 2” Powertex Class – moving from flat to sculpting around a bottle to try to get over this block and its worked, sort of. You can see my final results later in the week… but in the mean time….

Over the next couple of weeks,  I want to show how my own first original powertex projecting is coming along. This will take me about three weeks to finish but I really want to show you stage one today.

HOIM_Box_01_01Back in 2006, I went to Florida on a scrapping trip and one of the goodies I brought back was the this shadowbox and it has lived in a draw in the back room ever since.

I love 3D crafting and I love looking at finished Canvases and Shadowboxes but I don’t have the confidence in my own crafting to get stuck in… so this poor shadow box has been lying around taking up space, feeling unloved since I bought it.

HOIM_Box_01_02However, when I received our Tower of London Poppy just after Christmas I decided this box would be a great way of showcasing the poppy and I knew then I wanted to cover it in Powertex but I haven’t got the courage to jump right in with it… so I decided the first step would be to paint it on the inside.

HOIM_Box_02_03I love acrylic paint – it is so forgiving and this box only needed one coat, it will be varnished inside too once I have decorated it but at the moment it is still black…


So I have an MDF box and it is black on the inside and I am just waiting to Powertex It… But you will have to tune back tomorrow evening to see how I got on with my first attempt on my own of Powertex…

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