Here’s One I’m Making – Powertex and Poppies Part Two

So on Monday, I shared my first stages of my current Powertex Project, a shadow box which is going to be used to showcase our Tower of London Poppy.

This is what I started with…


And after I finished painting the inside I started on adding the Fabric. Powertex works on natural fibre and with the coloured powertex whites are best. So I have cut up an old white Tshirts.


The strips I used were about 5cm longer than the box and about 3cms wider that the frame of the box. this gave me space to fold the material – Once my confidence with using it increases (and Mr BMB is around to take the pictures as I am usually covered in Powertex) I will do a step by step guide – but just to say it’s really simple! You pour a small amount onto a plastic plate, soak the material in it so it’s covered and not soaking. After this you drape on the surface you are covering… the material will go where it wants.


Although I intended to all the sides at the same time, I realised I could only do one at time as I had to let them dry, I left about 3hrs between doing sides but it did mean I could only get a couple done last weekend.

HOIM_Box_03_01I have finished the other two sides since these photos but I will showcase them at the weekend. I love the effect and its so simple to do! Once it’s dried the folds just stay.

Oh yes And I have also tidied the corners since taking these pictures – as it takes up to an hour to dry its more forgiving than some sculpting materials.

Thanks For Reading



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