Here’s One I Made – I’m Late for a very Important Birthday

Today I am back on Birthday Cards and decoupage from the House of Zandra. When Mr BMB saw the Alice Card I made for my friend, he put an order in for a similar card for his mother. When he saw the template for the White Rabbit he asked for that one and I was more than happy to oblige!

Card_0202_03This is slightly different from the Alice card as you build up different parts of the picture to different levels. which for me gives it a more realistic feel.

Card_0202_02Instead of flowers as you can see I have played with bottles but I have still coloured them with Chameleon Pens. Chameleon Pens work well to bring texture to glass and no I am starting to get to grips with them a little more I am loving the effect.

Card_0202_01Stash Used

  • Decoupage Pages – House of Zandra
  • Pattern Paper – First Leaf from First Class
  • Bottle Outlines – House of Zandra
  • Pens – Chameleon Pens

Thanks for Looking



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