Here’s One I Made – Powertex Bottle

Last Friday I went to Make-It at Farnborough. It was my first time at this particular show and I was really looking forward to it and their range of classes was appealing to say the least.

The first class I signed up for was the Powertex Class because as I have shared, I needed to kick-start my confidence with this medium… I was a little surprised to be met by an empty Budweiser bottle! But Oh Wow! You can end up with a very attractive vase or ornament very quickly from just one bottle.

HOIM_0301This is made with 1 piece of cotton, a small strip of hessian and some cotton trim and a plaster of paris face.

HOIM_0301_03It took about 40 minutes end toe end to model and it was so simple. One handy tip I picked up was that if you are having problems getting the Powertex to stick to the bottle – add some masking tape to it first! But we had no problems at all.

HOIM_0301_02Once it was touch dry the pigments came out, this is my favourite part of the power text process and involves a little bit of varnish, a little bit of pigment, a dry brush and a lot of confidence – as you can see from these pictures, I have been a lot more generous with the pigment than I was with my first attempt. I have realised this is just a confidence “thing”

This weekend I am going to finish covering my box and will be adding the pigment – so watch this space.

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