Here’s One I’m Making – Powertex and Poppies Part 3

And so, this weekend I moved on to the final stages of preparing my shadowbox… I have finished all four sides of the powertex. Just to remind you… this is what I started with:

HOIM_Box_01_02I have painted and powertex and now this simple MDF box looks like this:

PT_Paint_01It is not quiet finished as the next stage is to add the pigment to enhance the depth – but the powertex has dried to a rock hard finish. I also need to repaint and varnish the inside and the back. And then it’s adding the inside – including the poppy!

PT_Paint_02You wouldn’t believe that this is just stripes of an old t-shirt! I could really get into this upcycling business.

PT_Paint_03The butterflies are made from plaster of paris and you can also buy them from Powertex directly. I have painted them with powertex, which also doubles as glue and you get a very solid covering for them.

The next stage is adding the pigment and I will share this later in the week.



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