Here’s One I’m Making – Powertex and Poppies Part 4

After a couple of weekends of Powertexing and Painting… I went on the next stage and the final stage of decorating the box itself before I add the content… I added the pigment.

PT_final_05This stage is simple once you get the knack but it can be a little daunting as you dry brush it on and you have very little paint on your brush and its very tempting to over do it. Bit like I did with the butterflies

PT_final_03One of the tips I have picked up from my class the other week is it is quite easy to rectify as all you do is paint over with more powertex and start again.

PT_final_02You just about see from these pictures, but there are two colours of pigments painted on. Firstly there are 4 shades of burgundy… the Powertex pigments blend together very quickly and completely and their Titanium White is one of the purest whites I have used!

PT_final_04Once I added the red – I added gold which (I think) just brings the whole frame to life.

Now the frame is finished… I need to varnish the inside and the back and then I can add the poppy and the content.

Just to show you the difference I have made to the frame… have a look at this photo.

PT_final_01I have enjoyed making this frame and I am looking forward both to finishing it and to moving on to my next two Powertex projects, a pencil pot for work and a Christmas Wreath.

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