JYC – December 18 – Christmas Food

Firstly thank you for all your kind comments yesterday, the split tooth has been removed, dressed and I am awaiting the work on the crown to start…

Secondly if you liked the look of Gossamer Blue yesterday, the hints for the April Gossamer Blue kits are up.

Thirdly I have spent this afternoon catching up on my Journal-Your-Christmas for 2014. I will be honest I am starting to struggle with this now, I have 10 days to go and part of me just wants to move onto my 2015 Book of Days.

JYC_0302_DetailHowever, like so many crafters, I have cupboards full of UFO – Unfinished Objects… including various attempts at JYC. This year I am determined to finish it and I have sent myself a limit of 1st April 2015 (wish me luck). By Finish I am going to do a page for every prompt up to and including 31st December. The January Prompts will be my first page of my Book of Days.

Food is an easy one for me, the challenge was to find a way off recording it, so I decided to go for my timetable for cooking Christmas Dinner, this is somewhat ironic as this is the first year since we married I have not cooked Christmas Dinner.

JYC_0302_FinalThe look I tried to go for is one where the flowers looked like snowflakes, this was partly to capture the fact it is spring and I am surrounded by blossom and partly because it’s so cold… it’s all dropping to the ground with frost!

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Merry and Bright Cards
  • Prima Flowers
  • Clear Accents

Thanks for Reading



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