Here’s One I’m Making – {Powertex} Pencil Pots Part 1

My Poppy Frame is on hold for a couple of weeks until I get the vinyl letters… so I am moving on to my next project… involving a pencil pot and t-shirt yarn.

PT_PP01_01_01If you have never used T-Shirt yarn its eco-friendly and made up from shredded cotton t-shirts. You can knit and crochet with but I am going to use it to make some pin wheels with to cover the sides of the pencil pot.

If you have any ideas on how to use T-Shirt Yarn – then please share them with me and I will do a round-up post in a month or so.

PT_PP01_01_02The pencil pot is from one of my favourite companies – MDFMan. Sadly they no longer to mail order but you can find them at many shows including at the NEC this weekend. They provide amazing value for money and provide top of the range products… I always regret not buying more from them.

I am decorating this with black Powertex.

Thanks for Reading BMB


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