JYC – December 19 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This was quite a personal entry into my journal for this month as Santa played a large part in my childhood and not always in a good way.

Growing up there were two places in Leicester where you could see Santa, One if Lewis’s (not be confused with John Lewis) and the Co-Op on the High Street, which is now a carpark… Looking back at the Co-Op, my memories for that store were new Shoes each September, Santa and just how very very 1970s the store was. For Lewis’s – it was a magical cave over about 5 floors with a wealth of goodies on each of them.


My mum used to take us to see both of the Santas, usually in the first week of December and on the night they “arrived” from the North Pole… I have a memory of the Lewis’s Santa coming down on a rope one year.

But here is the oddity of the situation, my Aunt had decided for religious reasons that no children in our family would be lead to believe in Santa, I always thought that my mum regretted this somewhat as every year we would have the visits and the sacks at the end of the bed…

JYC_0303_FinalSo this Layout is believing in both the Magic and Reason for Christmas and the fact there is nothing wrong with a little bit of sparkle at Christmas.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins Project Life – Merry and Bright Mini Kit
  • Becky Higgins Project Life – 6×4 Cards
  • Beck Higgins Project Life – 3×4 Grid Cards
  • Stickers – Making Memories and Karen Foster
  • Pattern Paper – Doodlebug
  • Glitter Cardstock – Doodlebug (I think!)

Thanks for Reading, bit deeper than normal!



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