Here’s One I’m Making – {Powertex} Pencil Pot Part 2

When I made my powertex frame, I painted it with Acrylic paints, chatting to a couple of Powertex Trainers who suggested next time I used powertex as paint, which is what I have done this time.

PT_PP01_02_01So how does it work as a base paint? Very very well! It is more fluid than acrylic paint but goes on very smoothly and stays put! The coverage is thick and it dries quickly and without streaks.

I also found its the perfect primer for when I move onto the next stage and attach the fabric (OK confession time… I painted this last week and its been drying since then!) and I found it a lot easier than attaching to a surface covered with acrylic paint.

PT_PP01_02_02This is a shot from the inside, I covered it in seconds, without a paint brush with just the tiniest drop of paint. Because it is so fluid it gets right into the corners and still no streaks.

I left it for a week to dry and I will start sharing the outside.

In the mean time – does anyone know where I can get hold of micro polystyrene balls such as you would find in a bean bag? I don’t own a bean bag so that’s not an option!

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