JYC – December 21 – Christmas Candid, Sharing my Feelings

So how am I feeling about Christmas and my Christmas Album today… Really Rather Good, for reasons you will see over the next week…

But that aside, the prompt for this day was about sharing your feelings on Christmas… this seemed a perfect opportunity to think about why I love Christmas and why its important for me… it was also an opportunity to leave a big gap for lots of my favourite Christmas Photos.

JYC_21_01It seemed relevant for this page to include the famous Scrooge quote about honouring Christmas all year. Ok I know its taken me 4 months to get this far and so Christmas is very much still in my heart – but it’s not just about the album but taking the time to think about Christmas.

JYC_21_02So with those thoughts in mind, I have kept this page very simple (remember my theme for 2014 – Keep It Simple Santa!) But I want to add a collage of my favourite Christmas pictures to remind me of Christmas. I think there will be a lot decorations in there hence the reason I have used a tree based paper.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Merry and Bright Mini Kit
  • Becky Higgins – Project Life 6×4 Plain Cards
  • Pattern Paper – Unknown

Thanks for Reading



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