JYC – December 26 – Looking Back To The Big Day

Shimelle gives everyone a day off on Christmas Day, so the next prompt is looking back at Christmas Day.

Christmas Day for us this year was different as we were in Kent at my Sister-In-Laws. Now for a long time my sister-in-law was a vegetarian… and now she eats meat… I feel I have a given right to tease her about this at every opportunity as she caused me a headache trying to find a vege option for her to eat at our wedding… as I didn’t know she was eating me again.

So I was really interested in seeing what meat she cooked – as her first turkey meal was with us about 14 years ago!

Christmas Day for us was about a relaxed atmosphere, good food and drink and catching up with each other. My other sister-in-law and niece joined us on Boxing Day so that was more about building toys!

JYC_26_02The making toys thing is a bit of a family joke, for my Niece’s second birthday, she was given a play kitchen… Her mummy then said my Niece would have to wait until her daddy got home to make it…

Now my Niece is blessed with a number of strong talented female role models and I, with an engineering degree and a love of making anything was not going to let an early learning centre kitchen defeat me – so I didn’t.

However this meant at christmas I was making cots, prams and Wendy Houses. I love this sort of thing… why else would you have Niece’s if not to build things for them? Photo evidence will be included in this page.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Merry and Bright Mini Kit
  • Karen Foster – Christmas Stickers

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