JYC – December 27 – Being Thankful

I haven’t made a lot this weekend – but one thing I have made is my new Raskog Cart. I am a little late to how useful this IKEA storage solution, but I am now contemplating a second for my powertex stash.

RaskogSo back to Christmas – I am coming to the end of the project (part of the reason I am looking at how I store my supplies) and todays prompt is about being thankful and what we have to be thankful at Christmas.

JYC_27_01One of the things that I have got out of Journalling My Christmas this year (and taking my time about it!) is having time to think about what Christmas means to me and to Mr BMB and what is important.

Some of the other things that I have to be thankful is being married to someone who loves Christmas too, who is happy to spend time enjoying Christmas and gift giving and who is happy for me to put the Christmas Tree up the soon December starts.

I am also thankful that we can celebrate Christmas how we want to… we can afford a lovely turkey and bubbly and we have heating and the fuel to prepare food to the best we can do.

JYC_27_02We are lucky to be able to enjoy Christmas how we want and with our family.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Merry and Bright Mini Kit
  • Becky Higgins – Blank 3×4 Cards
  • Doodlebug – Glitter Card
  • Karen Foster – Cardstock Stickers

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