JYC – Final Thoughts

I thought I would finish my Christmas Album with some thoughts on the project. I signed up for Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas in either 2007 or 2008, I know it wasn’t the first year where she had her trial run but the year after and I have been trying to complete it every year since. The house is littered with half complete albums and journals.

JYC_Album_03This year I was determined to finish it and even though I was bowled a curve ball at work which took three weeks out of planned December Crafting time, I knew for once I had to keep going…. Although I didn’t think I would still be working on it in March!

I did set myself ground rules for this year which I haven’t done before and these included:

  • Keep it Simple – Each page does not need elaborate embellishments which take me hours to do. Shimelle this year added some videos on making 3×4 cards and I decided I could use this at leisure in other projects.
  • Project Life is an “all-inclusive” system and I should not be ashamed of making it work for me
  • I don’t need to wait for the photos, I can add them later.

For me, the secret to finally completing this project has been sticking to these rules and not beating myself up for falling behind.

JYC_Album_02So would I do it again?

No, not for a few years as a stand alone project, I feel a great sense of achievement of finally completing the album and I would probably pick some of the prompts for my Book of Days Album. But it will be a while before I am in a position of wanting to complete it as I have done this year.

Do I regret plugging away at it?

No, Shimelle has some wonderful prompts and it really made me feel about Christmas, our preparation and why we do the things we do and it is a very worthwhile project.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes – its worth anyone who loves Christmas and their Paper Crafts to do at least once and suggest to anyone who has not signed up to do so, you can get forever access, it is a one-off cost (and low-cost at that!)

Thanks for staying with me for this project – I can look forward to journalling the rest of 2015 now.

Thanks For Reading



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