Here’s One I’m Making – {Powertex} Pencil Pot Part 3

I haven’t shared much of how my pencil pot is going, that is because I have been up to my neck with other projects. This is going to have a number of elements and I have just finished the first side of the first elements and this is T-Shirt Yarn. Mr BMB says it looks like lego!

PencilPot_03_01I have been playing with different ways of rolling the yarn on this side as some of them will be covered, partly because I want to see if I can create faux roses! I am going to fill the gaps with mini polystyrene balls (Mr BMB wanted to know why I received a “bag of empty when they arrived the other day.) and then drape some material over them.

PencilPot_03_03The reason I am not doing all three bits stages in one go is I want the base layer of balls and swirls to be coloured differently to the top layer so I need to do it in stages. My aim this weekend is to complete the swirls and balls on all four sides and hopefully colour them next weekend.

PencilPot_03_02T-Shirt Yarn works very well with Powertex, it keeps it shape very well and its soaks the Powertex up well. This shows two sorts and I think it’s a good example of how different material suck work with Powertex, I made both of them identically and the one on the right just doesn’t quite have enough Powertex.

Comparison Shot – So this is how much I have completed:

PencilPot_03_04Thanks for Reading



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