Here’s One I Made – Preparation for Powertex Bottle Cuff

One of the projects I did finish last week whilst I was off was present for our friend Gill (who also got card from yesterday!) I made her a bottle cuff…

For those of you who can’t picture what I mean by a bottle cuff – here is the finished article:

Cuff_Pt2_02I have wanted to make a cuff since I saw the idea shortly after I discovered Powertex, they are very quick and simple to make and I think they just turn a simple bottle of wine into a special gift. I can see many more of these in my future.

One of the properties of powertex is that it doesn’t stick to plastic – so my first step was to cover the whole bottle in cling-film, you only need to go round once.

Cuff_Pt0_03There are three colours of Powertex in this cuff – the base is bronze, then I have added a red rose and green leaves. I could have made them all out of one colour but I wanted to add some depth to the flower and also leave it looking slightly realistic.

After I covered the body I length of t-shirt material to make the cuff itself and cut and trimmed the edges, as you can see I still kept it slightly rough. This is the part I used the bronze Powertex with:

Cuff_Pt0_02I decided to make the flowers the same way I would make paper flowers – I cut both the petal and the leaves out free-hand and decided only to use one set of leaves in the end.

Cuff_Pt0_01To give a sense of scale – the flower is about 2 inches in diameter and I used a small 50p size blob of powertex to colour it completely.

If you have never made flowers like this you start to roll the flower from the outside, tightly at first the then slightly looser to give the petals shape. I fixed on the cuff straight away and then when it started to harden, I used tweezers to give it shape and to pull the petals into place. Because the resulting flower have a lot of layers of material I left it to dry for a day or so before I painted it to make sure it was hard and the petals were not going to be disturbed. So this is what it looked like whilst it was drying… I will share the next stage tomorrow…

Cuff_Pt1_02Thanks for Reading



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