Powertex – Why Add Pigments?

So earlier in the week, I shared the first stage of my bottle cuff, where I had used three colours of Powertex. Today I am sharing the next stage – adding the pigment. This is what it looked like after I had finished the modelling stage.

Cuff_Pt1_01So, why add pigments when there are so many different colours of Powertex?

Colours of Powertex

There is a wide range of colours that you can use out of the bottle as I have done here. They are stong and deep. This provides a great base to work from.

Cuff_Pt1_02There is also a transparent Powertex which I haven’t used but lets the colours of the material shine through – perfect if you want to reflect a pre-printed pattern (I have some lovely Cat Fabric I intend to play with!) The transparent Powertex is the only one which is NOT waterproof – so if you want to use it outside you will need to “fix” it with Powertex Varnish.

However… You don’t need to stop there because you can also mix different pots of Powertex together to increase the range of colours as well as adding pigment to transparent to give you even more options (metallic Powertex anyone?).

So when you have all these options for base paints – why add pigment? the answer is simple – depth.

Cuff_Pt2_01Adding Pigments

Fabric is unique modelling material as it has much texture within it and by dry brushing pigments over the top you can pick up the detail in the folds, the tucks and the weave of material.

You mix a small amount of varnish with your choice of pigments to a thick paste (use your matt colours before your metallic). Once you have mixed your paste dry your brush off by wiping it back and forth on Kitchen Roll.

Then flick the brush lightly over the surface. Its is really very effective and if you have a chance to do a class with Tracey or Garry you will see just how little pigment you need!

With Powertex, the best technique is dry brushing, I painted the whole of this cuff with a 10p piece size of Varnish with copper, green and red pigments.

Cuff_Pt2_02Then let it dry – wrap and give away… it is just that simple!

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6 Responses to Powertex – Why Add Pigments?

  1. Great project! Do you use the pigment once your powertex object is completely dry?


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